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Join Eljaboom Family

May 11, 2018 08:28
shaking hands-(1) Capability varies from one to another, but together we make it happen!
Eljaboom 2018

Eljaboom Crypto 

is a small yet powerful Crypto community
We dream to make a good platform for cryptocurrency understanding
Our goal
Short-term: to become a good channel for anything related to crypto
Long-term: to grow up with users and make this a real community blockchain
We are a mix culture community and so much fun.
Want to join us as a volunteer?
We are:
– Looking for a real people with real profiles
– Can be an added value to our community
– English is a MUST
What are we looking for?
1- Graphic designers
2- Web developers
3- Analytical
4- Representors for our youtube channel with knowledge of projects
5- Admins for the telegram channel “must be friendly, No bossy allowed”
6- Whatever you think it can be an added value, do NOT hesitate
If you’re interested, please DM us on our twitter channel