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TRONbet Hits 1 Billion Tron (TRX) Token Payouts in Less Than 17 Days

October 31, 2018 12:33
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 TRONbet’s launch has recorded remarkable successes in just a short while since the mid-October. Some of which include the completion of about 200 million Tron token payouts to players in about 10000 transactions within a week.

Recently, the Tronbet app could complete about 180,000 daily transactions, which has made it surpass the daily trading volume of ethereum since about 20% of this transactions are associated with the gaming site. Presently, a milestone had been achieved by the platform since it has successfully paid out 1 billion Tron token to winners of the game in less than 17 days of its operation.

Tron Founder Justin Sun Celebrated the outstanding Result and Tweeted “Already over 1 BILLION #TRX won on @TRONbet!! “ In recognition of the support that the gaming dapp received from Justin sun and the Tron Foundation, TRONbet in an open letter addressed to them thanking them for the continuous support.